The theme of NEDians Convention 2007 in Silicon Valley on Sept 8 was "Celebrate the History & Rich Heritage of NEDUET". As part of "celebrating", we brought together some very accomplished NEDians, many of them in their late 20s and 30s. There are two NEDians in particular that I'd like to mention Raghib Hussain, a member of this network, who co-founded Cavium that recently listed on NASDAQ with a valuation of over $1 billion. Another NEDian, Rehan Jalil, has recently founded Wichorus, a Wimax start-up, that just raised $25 million in venture funding. Both of them participated in a panel discussion titled "NED to NASDAQ" that was moderated by another NEDian Asghar Aboobaker, an Inel veteran and a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. I wrote a piece called "The NED Alumni Story" for a California publication "Pakistan Link" owned and managed by NEDian Arif Mansuri. This piece is attached here.

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Fellow NEDians,

NED Alumni of Silicon Valley have organized a networking event for NEDians on 5th June 2010, during the annual OPEN Forum 2010. ( To participate in this event you need to register for the OPEN Forum ( with the discount code "myned" - NEDians will also get discounted membership to OPEN by using this discount code.

The goals of the event are -

* Discuss strategies to build success by leveraging the broader NEDian Network.
* Meet NEDians who have successfully leveraged the alumni network to achieve entrepreneurial and career aspirations.

The format of the 90 minute event will be informal in nature and shall include introductions and lots of interaction to help .

Confirmed participants include a number of NEDians from Silicon Valley. They include many well known NED graduates as well as "waiting to venture out" hi-tech entrepreneurs, businessmen, senior executives of leading companies, VC's, angel investors, writers, thinkers, job seekers, ... all from NED and each one there for one reason - Meet fellow NEDians and build new connections.

In addition, the all day OPEN Forum conference includes numerous, recognized speakers, including NEDians, around the topic "Catch the Wave." read more at

So, what does NED means to you? Here are quotes from a few NEDians who will be at this important networking event -

* "NED is where I really developed not just my technical skills, but also my social and entrepreneurial skills. NED gave me a burning desire and energy to strive for excellence. Every time I meet NEDians, I feel that energy is revived and I can see new opportunities. It’s your network that guides you in new directions and NEDians are among the top few. - Raghib Hussain, Founder and CTO of Cavium Networks
* "Though much fewer in numbers, NEDians are comparable to IITians when it comes to caliber and achievements in Silicon Valley," - Idris Kothari, Serial Entrepreneur, VP Engineering, VSI
* "Amongst educational institutions from the developing world, NED University is likely a top ten contributor to Silicon Valley's economy. The cumulative value of companies founded by NEDians is several Billion Dollars, just in the Valley," - Jaffer Hussain, Executive Consultant, NASA and Venture Advisor, ePlanet Ventures
* "You want to find the next great idea, a diamond in the rough? Find an NEDian and fund his venture," - Zoaib Rangwala, Serial Entrepreneur, Investor
* "NEDians possess all the ingredients for success; risk taking spirit, technical acumen and leadership flair," - Rehan Jalil, President Wichorus
* "I have often tapped into the NEDian network for my business, here and offshore. I have always been impressed," - Zulki Khan, Founder and CEO Nexlogic
* "The breadth, discipline, focus and creativity of NEDIans is remarkable. They are not confined to technology companies only - they are everywhere," - Imran Qureshi, Cisco Systems
* "Ever wondered why there are so many NEDians that are successful entrepreneurs? Because they have the entrepreneurs DNA," - Safwan Shah, Founder and ex President Infonox. Founder of Chowk.
* "The substrate of NED joins us all, through a shared bond, with a thriving community that has a lot to offer" said Awais Nemat, Founder D5 Networks, VP Marvell Semiconductors, Inc
* " Whenever NEDians meet in Silicon Valley, the highest probability of creating a new venture is just round the corner," - Amer Haider - VP Marketing, Cavium Networks
* "NED prepares you for almost anything. How else can one explain the diverse success of NEDians in Silicon Valley?" - Khalid Raza - Distinguished Engineer, Cisco System
* "I am proud of my NED heritage," - Asghar Aboobaker - General Partner, K2 Ventures
* "In late 2009, we raised over $100K from the NEDian network to institute a social activism scholarship to honor Professor Naumann. We did it in days!! - Muhammad Suhail, Founder Koshish
* "Zabardasth, Zabardasth, NED Zabardasth," - Sabahat Ashraf, Community Organizer and Activist
* "At your time of need, look no further. Call an NEDian," - Mike Zaidi, Founder Pascaltech, Real Estate Development Guru
* "At NED I learned more interacting with fellow students than I learned in the classroom," Ali Hasan Cemendtaur, - Social Activist, Writer, thought leader and Engineer


New friends - possibly new ideas for a business - new ideas for work - future team member(s) - perhaps a new job - certainly new friends and new energy. Can you afford to miss the opportunity?

So, dear fellow NEDian, do make sure you use this excellent opportunity to connect with fellow NEDians in a "designed to network" structure where the only purpose is to figure ways to help each other as well as our alma mater.

NED University is one of the oldest and most significant engineering schools of South Asia. NED was established in 1922 as Prince of Wales College of Engineering and then renamed as NED College after a grant by a Parsi philanthropist family of Nadirshaw Eduljee Dinshwaw. NED achieved a full-fledged University status in 1976. Today, in the US, it is estimated that there are more than 5000 NEDians with over 600 in Silicon Valley itself. The Silicon Valley NEDians are part of numerous entrepreneurial ventures as well as leadership positions in semiconductor, computer, networking, software and Internet/Web companies.

Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs (OPEN) strives to encourage corporate and social entrepreneurship through creative strategies. One such strategy involves building relationship with strong affiliate groups like alumni associations of universities. By tapping into these networks, OPEN can foster the seeds of entrepreneurship through networking and mentorship programs. The alumni participants get a platform to discuss new ventures, celebrate successes and build social networks that help in starting new businesses. OPEN sees its role as a catalyst in these programs.

Please register for the OPEN FORUM at As a special gesture of inclusiveness, NEDians are being granted a 30% discount for both the OPEN FORUM Registration and a FULL one year Membership to OPEN. The Promotional code for NEDians is 'myned'. Please do not forget to put in the promotional code, without it, 30% discount will not apply.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, June 5th at the OPEN FORUM.

NED Alumni Association of Silicon Valley


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