There has been a lot of debate on the failure of opening pair of pakistan for so many years
it can be said w/o any hesitation that after the departure of saaed anwer (NEDian) and aamir sohail we couldnt find any decent opening pair...
i believe with current T20 tournament....the openers we hv are as follows:
1. kamran Akmal
2. Shahid Afridi
3. hafeez
4. imran nazir.
5. salman butt...etc etc...
if you notice more thn half of the team can open..but none of them has yet proved to be a challenge to the oppsite team..just by throwing their wickets away...
I cannot understand the logic of the authorities behind sending two inexperienced openers at the top, no doubt they may be talented ..but opening pair demands consistent performance...therefore i suggest tht the opening shld be done by a senior player and a junior one from the above list(feel sorry to include afridi there)..such tht the senior player guides the junior one...and is happy to rotate the strike to the junior ..this might release some pressure from the junior one...i feel this way atleast one end could be saved ....and if the senior player loses wicket ,he shld be replaced by another senior player..and if a junior palyer goes he shld be replaced by a junior one.....hence a combination of junior and senior player on pitch ,i believe ,can solve problem of opening to a great extent...atleast till we find good decent ,consistent openers for pakistan..

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Well i believe that the only solution for the remaining matches in this tournament is to send Afridi and Hafeez to open. Out of the bove-mentionedpeople, these two are the only ones who have looked in any kind of form.

Imran Nazir does not look in his complete senses when he goes out to open. Salman Butt just does not look like he is in any form (eventhough i support him).
ya i believe afridi would prove to be a much better option ...but again hafeez salman and imran..i think they all fall in the same category...... i prefer salman... so for me salman and afridi shld ope nthe semi final s for pakistan


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