I am not sure weather these thoughts would be acceptable for this site but I can't help my self not sharing it. I don’t know if it’s just me or other people feels the same way too. If we look around our selves and want to find the rational explanation of what is happening in our society, like the mayhem happend yesterday, its getting very obvious that we are on the verge of collapse, every thing seems so fallen apart from top to bottom. As a society we have never been divided as of today, in every aspect of life. I was browsing through Karachi & Islamabad Metroblog the other day, which is a blog site dedicated to current affairs of major metropolitan cities of the world, it was amazing to read peoples opinion about the current situation. It also revealed a very alarming pattern of ideological differences that was never so intense & marked before or at least not at this level. May be it is the reflection of the global change that is happening around us or sign of the beginning of the end. What ever it is, one thing is very clear, that we are loosing the mediocrity, as a nation and as an individual. I hate to use word extreme because this term has been abused so much that it has lost its meaning now & feels like a propaganda word but truly we have two dominant school of thoughts in our society now, Extremely religious (with customized version of religion) or extremely secular (almost atheist). Its hard to believe that those people who managed to survive the English reign, were able to save their faith & religion under Hindu domination are now questioning each others credibility as a Muslim in a Muslim state. I still remember when I was growing up; we never had these kinds of issues like we are facing today. No one was blowing any one because of the differences in beliefs and sects. The sense of co-existence and respect of each others life, ideology, opinion, faiths & beliefs had some meaning then. I don’t know what happen in the last 10-15 years. Seems like we lost the last bit of tolerance we ever had. West condemned us as a fundamentalist society but the irony is we are nothing but fundamentalists, in fact we were never been so far from fundamentals of our religion as we are now. The so called torch bearers of religion had made this great & simple religion so complex and complicated that it has become a source of confusion rather than source of truth and salvation, Nauzobillah. I am a firm believer that religion can never be a threat to a society if it is practiced in its true form, specially our religion, ISLAM which is nothing but mercy from the Creator, Subhano Tala on its creation. On the other hand we have so called progressive & enlightened people, who are so obsessed with west that they totally forgot about their identity, values and beliefs. It feels like they are so ashamed of who they are that they will not think twice to be called Tom & Dick if they are given the chance to. I don’t know how these odds will be overcome, how this fog of hate and intolerance would be cleared but I know one thing, if we didn’t realized the severity of the situation soon and did not do any thing about it, it would be too late & there will be no one to save us, not even ALLAH Subhano Tala because He only help those who help them selves.

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I'm no fan of PPP or BB but what happened in Karachi yesterday was very tragic.
And it was man-made in the same way May 12 killings were but with far more devastating consequences. While the government must pursue and bring perpetrators to justice, we all must reflect on what we can do to be a part of the solution here. It will take the entire society to fix the scourge of suicide bombings emanating from rising fanaticism in our home country.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Khalid Hassan. You wrote about the growing polarity in the Pakistani society and alluded to the intolerance of the two halves towards each other. Whereas your observation on polarity is absolutely correct, it is not right to say that the progressive elements are intolerant towards the right-wingers. Intolerance exists only on one side. [When was the last time you saw an "atheist" blow himself up to kill religious zealots?] That argument aside, we must find common grounds to relieve tensions in the society. Unfortunately, only the "atheists" are interested in that compromise.
Here's a piece written on this subject for Chowk.com by Dilawar Syed, a friend and President of OPEN Silicon Valley:

At least 135 innocent lives lost; hundreds of families devastated. A tragedy of this kind has a way of bringing people together.
It’s hard to write about October 18, 2007 – a day that will go down in the history of Pakistan when carnage and tragedy struck the streets of Karachi; just when hundreds of thousands were engaging in the most free and genuine political expression seen in recent years in Pakistan. The nation is simply
stunned for never before in Pakistan’s history, the country witnessed such a scale of violence in a political rally. At least 135 innocent lives lost; hundreds of families devastated. A tragedy of this kind has a way of bringing people together. In her press conference in Karachi this morning, Benazir Bhutto was acutely inclusive of all mainstream political elements. That sentiment must be upheld as we move forward in the political process; the country can ill-afford further polarization.
To read full text, please visit Chowk.
As for as what happened in these last 10,15 years which changed us (Pakistan specifically) is the degradation of our economic and political system which has deprived the common person of even the basic necessities of life. When it takes u hours to get back to ur home from work, when u have to live without electricity and water for days in a row, when u r still jobless after getting outstanding education... its natural to become impatient, frustrated and intolerant.

However to find the solution, we should look back in retrospect to determine the cause ...its the hatred towards Islam and Muslims because of the recent events around the world which itself began as a result of the acts of the extremists. The extremists dont want to do anything with the west and want to take revenge for their deprivations and injustice from everyone else without realizing their own shortcomings. The "seculars", on the other hand, want to blend in the west so desperately that they have isolated themselves from other Muslims to remain in the good books. Whats' needed are true Muslims who follow the REAL Islam ...who r neither extremist nor secular but Muslims who not only believe in saying the five prayers but also in the struggle for peace and basic human rights , Muslims whose jihad does not involve blowing people up but a war against poverty and illiteracy and saying right from wrong ,who r not judgemental towards others because they have faith in the day of judgement, who are polite and forgiving ,who r humble and respectful to everyone irrespective of their religion, who r honest and sincere, who embrace their identity as Muslims with pride and whose acts (political or not) can salvage the image of Islam around the world and can create peace and unity among the Muslims themselves. We have to understand that being modern and developed does not involve changing ur attire and ur language rather embracing ur identity,ur culture and ur beliefs, that being a super power does not come from the use of technology for pleasure and leisure and the use of higher education for making money only but for the advancement and benefit of the entire system and that it involves the courage to be leaders and not followers and the courage to be proud of ur roots. We don't realize that even the super powers of today's world got their status by following the basic codes of conduct and moral values (like hardwork, courtesy, patience, honesty, charity, forgiveness etc) of Islam which r to be seen nowhere in our society...a society full of Muslims but no Islam. In short, the reason of our descent is our own ignorance from the true spirit of Islam ... the Islam which was before and not the Islam of today.

And at the risk of being called too optimistic... i want to add that we have already triggered the change by realizing our problems. If we try to implement it on ourselves and our kids, our friends and families and all others to whom our opinion matters...we can be a small part of this big change needed to revive our society and our right to become a great nation.


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