Congratulations to Pak team for strong performance in the final ODI at Jaipur. But the question lingers: Can Pak team win when it really matters? The evidence so far suggests otherwise. We have a habit of losing to India in international tournaments such as the recent T20 final. We have also lost the current ODI series to India.
Are we learning anything? Or we are going to continue repeating our past mistakes?
Let's hope the Pakistanis carry their good performance in the final ODI into the upcoming Test series.

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So far we are just repeating our past mistakes.
I wish them all good luck but it really takes more than just wishes. But as a Pakistani my support is always with them.

Idrees Shah
It is heartening to see that Pakistan did beat India in Kitply finals at Mirpur, Bangladesh. The win came after a big loss to India in an earlier match. So Pakistan did win against India when it mattered in the final and picked up the trophy. Big Congrats to Pakistani cricket team and its fans around the world!


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