Assalam o Alaikum to All,

I intend to apply for SOC Design when admission starts this october. The purpose of this mail is to inquire about one Bank Statement. As you all know that at the time of visa, they ask for a 6 month bank statement so i am planning to have my account maintain the required amount i.e. SEK 7300/month for 10 months, from now. I have read on the Swedish Embassy Islamabad website that you have to submit two copies of your own bank statement. It is written that
" 2 copies of your own bank statement (both the originals) showing that you have enough money to support yourself throughout the entire planned study period."

Q1) what does it mean by "both the originals"

It further says in brackets that
" (Proof that you can support yourself must be provided, e g in the form of some kind of documentation certifying your own bank assets, documentation certifying that you have received a scholarship or in some other similar manner). "

Q2) What does it mean by some other similar manner. Does it mean that I can show that some other person or organization is sponsoring my studies?

I would be highly obliged and thankful if some one from this wonderful association could do this favour by replying to these questions and clearing out the ambiguities.

Assalam o Alaikum,

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