What do u guys think about our chances of winning the tournament ?

I believe we will suffer if our top-order continues to play like it is now. Imran Nazir barely lasts an over and Salman Butt just isnt scoring.

I guess it would be a good idea to send Afridi to open, while the fielding restrictions are in place. It's good to see the middle order clicking.

I guess today's match against the Aussies will be a good litmus test.

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we are in semi-finalz
after a very long time in any big tournament ....
yar this man misbah is doing a fantastic job in middle order..
how cool he is...
opposite to imran nazir...

i dun know wat imran nazir wants..i mean m v confuzd with his approach...
try to hit every ball..
personally i feel after this 20/20 we shud give chance to a Karachiite Opener "Khalid Latif"
i have seen him playing..
he really has talent n temperament
just scored 100 against aussies in A-side
Pakistan's performance has been incredible in this tournament. I remember Tony Greig's comments a few days ago, in which he was not giving Pakistan any chance against Sri Lanka and Australia.

I was skeptical of bring Misbah-ul-Haq ahead of Yousuf, but he has turned out to be a gem of a player. Shoaib Malik also deserves praise as he batted Pakistan out of trouble twice in the last two days.

I have never seen a Pakistani outfit outplaying the Aussies like that. Sohail's opening spell, Afridi's wicket-maiden, Younis' fielding, the last 3 overs by the pacers gave away only 16 runs. After that the superb batting display by Malik and Misbah...everything was just perfect.

However, the top-order is non-existent. We have seen them fail four times in four innings. I back Afridi to open while the fielding restrictions are still there. I am a big supporter of Salman Butt, but I don't know if he should be in the Twenty20 side. But at least he is trying to improve. Imran Nazir's performance has been simply mindless.
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I believe the creators of the bow-out rule were inspired by the penalty shoot-outs in soccer. However, even in soccer, we have penalty shoot-outs only in the knock-out stages, e.g. Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Finals.

We dont need a bowl-out in the Group Stage or in the Super 8, simply because we dont need a winner. There are some people who are suggesting that both teams be given one more over to bat. The team with the highest score at the end wins! I agree with this suggestion,provided we only use this approach in knock-out stages.

By the way, the match againt Pakistan and India has been counted as a draw by statisiticians.
So Pakistan is the only undefeated team in this tournament.

I hope Pakistan picks up its act against the Black Caps, their performance against the Bangladeshis was not at all convincing
I was hoping the Aussies would make it.... a final againt India is just too tense.

I sure hope Pakistan win Inshallah. There are not a lot of Pakistanis where I am right now. A Pakistani win will sure silence them. Anything otherwise would result in me hearing tons of crap from the Indians.


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