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Manekshaw: Indian War Hero Passes On

Sam Hormusji Framji "Sam Bahadur" Jamshedji Manekshaw MC (April 3, 1914 – June 27, 2008) Passed away today in Tamil Nadu, India. He was an Indian Army officer, with his distinct handlebar mustache, and only one of two generals to reach the rank of the Field Marshal in the Indian Army. He was the last of the top commanders involved in Bangladesh war of 1971.

In his long career spanning nearly four decades, Manekshaw rose to be the 8th Chief of Staff of the Indian Army in 1969 and… Continue

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Bunge Coming to Pakistan

By Riaz Haq

Bunge, the third biggest US agribusiness company after

Archer-Daniel-Midland and Cargill, is buying Chicago-based Corn

Products International Inc. for $4.2 billion in stock to add

corn-based sweeteners as demand increases for soft drinks and

processed foods in China, India and Pakistan, according to US media

reports. This acquisition enlarges Bunge's international footprint in

emerging economies to drive its growth.

Corn Products… Continue

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OPEN Forum 2008: Pakistani Entrepreneurs Conference

On June 14, the SAP campus in Palo Alto was the venue for OPEN Forum 2008, probably the world's largest gathering of Pakistani entrepreneurs outside of Pakistan with over 500 attendees. Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs (OPEN) describes itself as "a voluntary, not-for profit organization dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship and leadership in the Pakistani-American business community". Only a stone-throw away from Sandhill Road, the home of the big Silicon Valley venture… Continue

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Venture Capital Investing in Pakistan

As the US venture capital investment activity in India and China races ahead, the VC investments in Pakistan are just beginning to show signs of life with two young Pakistani companies receiving funding in late 2006 and middle of 2007.

Venture capital investment in China was up to $719m across 39 deals during the first quarter of 2008 from $492m in the first quarter of 2007, with media and advertising companies accounting for the bulk of deal activity and investment, according to the… Continue

Added by Riaz Haq on June 15, 2008 at 7:19pm — 4 Comments

The Long March or the Big Farce?

As the "Long March" by the Pakistani lawyers gets headlines in Pakistan and around the world, it is natural to ask what is all the fuss about? Ostensibly, it is to restore Pakistani judiciary as an independent and powerful institution and strengthen democracy. But is this a realistic expectation that an independent, powerful judiciary supported by lawyers and the media in Pakistan would be good for democracy and the rights of the average citizen? Let's look at the following facts to answer this… Continue

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A missive for Sir. Riaz Haq

Respected Sir Riaz,

Your prompt response reflected your ruly, kempt and neat disposition. It indeed gives me an alloyed emotion of pride and mirth to have earned the honour of interviewing a man of your stature. Certainly, it would add a new moon to our magazine. Thank you for granting us the access.

Afterwards, I would like to brief to you a little about the magazine I have been working for, for the last four years.

Sir, in my mail prior to this, I mentioned… Continue

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Karachi: The Urban Frontier

National Public Radio(NPR), an American radio network, is doing a series on a massive wave of urbanization underway in the world's emerging economies such as Brazil, China, India and Pakistan. It has chosen to start with Karachi, which it describes as Pakistan's "economic lifeline" and financial "powerhouse" that produces 25% of Pakistan's GDP, and calls it "one of the largest and most crowded cities of the world". It has a segment on Shehri, the activist group fighting big-money… Continue

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A message for SIr. Riaz Haq

Respected Sir,

I hope to make my acquaintanceship with you won't be a breach of manner. Sir, I am a Final year student at NED University, graduating under the discipline of Electrical Enfgineering, which, I gather, is the same faculty that has engendered an emerald like you.

Sir, I have heard a lot about you and all in good words, that I assure you. I had been intending to join this Alumnus for sometime, but alas! levity and lethargy kept me from doing so.

I… Continue

Added by Haad-Bin-Tariq on June 4, 2008 at 9:20am — No Comments

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OPEN Forum 2008 in Silicon Valley

Along with Howard Dean, Steve Westley and Mike Moritz, several

prominent Silicon Valley NEDians are speakers and/or panelists at the

OPEN Forum 2008, the annual conference organized by Organization of

Pakistani Entrepreneurs (http://www.opensiliconvalley.org). It is

scheduled for Saturday, June 14, 2008 in Palo Alto, CA.

Mike Moritz, the Iconic Venture Capitalist who saw YouTube and Google

coming, will tell you what the next major trends are in high tech… Continue

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