First Generation Pakistani-Americans Divorce Rate is the Third Lowest in the United States

Divorce rate among foreign-born Pakistani-Americans with children is the third lowest of all immigrants in the United States, according to research recently published by the US-based Institute of Family Studies. Foreign-born Indian-Americans' marriages tend to be the most stable, followed by those of Bangladeshis and Pakistanis living in America.  On the other end of the spectrum, the divorce rates among immigrants from Latin-America are the highest of all ethnic groups. 


Immigrants Marriage Stability. Source: IFS

Immigrants from Taiwan, Korea, China, and Japan, also have greater family stability than native-born Americans, as do immigrants from the Middle East and South America, according to the IFS report. Here’s the list of top 20 immigrant groups in the US leading in marriage stability: 

1. India - 94% 
2. Bangladesh - 90% 
3. Pakistan - 87% 
4. Taiwan - 86% 
5. Korea - 85% 
6. China - 84% 
7. Japan - 83% 
8. Poland - 80% 
9. Iran - 78% 
10. Canada - 78% 
11. Ukraine - 77% 
12. Vietnam - 77% 
13. Philippines - 76% 
14. United Kingdom - 74% 
15. Brazil - 73% 
16. Germany - 72% 
17. Venezuela - 72% 
18. Nigeria - 71% 
19. Russia - 68% 
20. Mexico - 68%
There are 326,709 foreign-born Pakistani immigrants of working age (18-64) in the United States, according to figures cited by the Institute of Family Studies. Of these, 87% have been married only once and are still married while 10% are on their second marriage, 2.4% are divorced while 0.6% never married. 
The Institute of Family Studies (IFS) is an advocacy group. The IFS mission is to "strengthen marriage and family life, and advance the well-being of children through research and public education".

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