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At 12:14pm on September 21, 2007, Muhammad Waseem said…
Hatim bhai Assalam alaikum,

remember me.... how are you? i am really very happy to see your profile here and children photos. Mashallah bohat cute bachchay hai.
At 1:58am on September 22, 2007, Shahid Usman said…
ASAK Hatim BHai,
WHo is life.. these are your junior Hatims, Mashallah...
At 2:00am on September 22, 2007, Shahid Usman said…
Hatim Bhai.. yeah "Irfan Baseer, Quetta " app kay near hay... Quetta tuo kafi dor hota thaa Karachi sey kuch salon pehley..:))
Anyways.. really happy to see you here..
- Shahid
At 10:08am on September 22, 2007, Muhammad Waseem said…
I am doing great. so far I have only one 6 month old baby boy. way behid you :)
At 9:22pm on September 23, 2007, Rashid Mohiuddin said…
Hatim bhai ... aoa...
yar ye *slow classical music* wala interest niya hey ya pehle se tha? :) ... iss par ramzan ke baad bat ho gee.
great to see you here.... and your kids are really very cute .. Masha Allah!
At 10:35am on September 24, 2007, Muhammad Zeeshan Abbasi said…

Kaisey hain aap, aur kaisi chal rahi hey aap ki web development?
Masha Allah, barey cute bachey hain; kiya naam hey inn ka?

Aur hey fishing ka shauq kab sey parwan char raha hey :-)

Baseer Bhai ko bhi is forum per ley aayein
At 10:07pm on September 25, 2007, ghulam subhani said…
walaikum as-salam
hatim bhai
ALLAH ka shokar hai aaj kal apni family k sath canada toronto mai hon baki yahan sab set hai ALLAH ka shokar hai.agar aap k pass AZ LUTSTER walay SAIFUDDIN KIKABAHI ka contact number ho tu mujhay mail kar dijiay ga.
sab ko salam
At 6:54am on September 27, 2007, Kaleem Abdullah said…
hatim bhai
salam...how are you...yaar aap ko bhool saktay hain kiya. very cute kids.
i think pretty much everyone from our batch is married except a few like myself :)
looks like you have moved to quetta. i still remember you pakistan chowk house :)
please say hi to irfan if you are in touch with him
At 7:26am on September 28, 2007, Halil I. vargun said…
Salaam Hatim Bhai
How are you ? masallah it's great to see you on here. Ramadan mubarek to you and all your family.
Keep in touch
At 8:12pm on October 6, 2007, Kamran Khan said…
Salam, Hatim bhai. Nice to see you here. I saw your website pretty impressive projects you guys have done. Where did you guys use Jommla? Meray group main aaj kaal Jommla (CM) aur ruby on rails (for mostly content driven websites) bohat chaal raha hay.
At 12:35pm on October 7, 2007, Arshad Asif Khan said…
AOA Hatim bhai.. kiya haal hain.. howz life.. yeh fishing ki hobby?? aap ki kaheen Zafar Tirmizi say mulaqaat to naheen ho gayee :-)
At 9:27pm on October 7, 2007, Shahid Usman said…
Hatim, kuch fishing ki pics bhee ho jain ???
Where do you go out for fishing? to Charna?
At 7:35pm on November 1, 2007, Irfana Khan said…
Assalamo Alaikum Hatim,
Glad to hear from u...if i m remembering correctly the last time we had any contact was our convocation :). Its always nice to know that ur friends have done good for themselves... lots of prayers and best wishes for ur adorable kids.

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