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This following is from Moin Ahmed, NEDUET, Mech Class of 1974

The Times of London published recently its 2008 World Rankings of 600 Universities. Of course, US and European schools were in all the top categories with China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Philippines being the most prominent ones from Asia. Pakistan, India and Bangladesh were also featured but were not in the top rankings. India's IIT schools did well in the Technology Group. NEDUET is not ranked. Perhaps they did not participate.

The Rankings are categorized in seven categories as follows:

1. Top 100 Universities of the World- Overall Rankings
2. Complete Overall Rankings - Includes about 600 Schools
3. Top 100 Technology
4. Top 100 Arts and Humanities
5. Top 100 Life Sciences and Biomedical
6. Top 100 Natural Sciences
7. Top 100 Social Sciences

Here they are:

Top 100 Universities of the World

Full Rankings of Universities

I have summarized some key features for Asian schools only. See the attached document.

I do not have time to work on it anymore and post it to all the different alumni groups as I am leaving for Pakistan soon. Could you please collaborate with me on this and fine tune it as necessary and publish it in your blogs and Pak Alumni website under both our names.
Let me know what you think about it.

Moin Ahmed

Top 10 World Universities:

1 HARVARD University United States
2 YALE University United States
3 University of CAMBRIDGE United Kingdom
4 University of OXFORD United Kingdom
5 CALIFORNIA Institute of Technology (Caltech) United States
6 IMPERIAL College London United Kingdom
7 UCL (University College London) United Kingdom
8 University of CHICAGO United States
9 MASSACHUSETTS Institute of Technology (MIT) United States
10 COLUMBIA University United States

Top 12 Asian Universities:

1. # 19 Univ. Of Tokyo, Japan
1. # 25 Kyoto Univ. Japan
2. # 26 Univ of Hong Kong
3. # 30 National Univ of Singapore
4. # 39 Hong Kong Univ of Science and Tech
5. # 42 Chinese Univ of Hong Kong
6. # 44 Osaka Univ, Japan
7. # 50 Beijing Univ. China (Tie)
8. # 50 Seoul National Univ, S. Korea (Tie)
9. # 56 Tsinghua Univ, China
10. # 61 Tokyo Inst of Tech, Japan
11. # 77 Nanyang Tech, Univ, Singapore
12. # 93 Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem, Israel ( Made the list for the first time)

Note: India has two IIT campuses in top 100. No schools from Pakistan, Bangladesh and

Sri Lanka were able to make this top 100 list. The top Pakistani school on this list is National University of Science and Technology (NUST) at #376, followed by University of Lahore, University of Karachi, and UET Lahore.
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World University Ranking Video

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The latest edition of the world's top universities from The Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) has few surprises in 2009. The top 10 Universities are: Harvard (US), Cambridge (UK), Yale(US), UCL, London (UK), Imperial College, London and Oxford (both UK, joint 5), Chicago (US), Princeton (US), MIT, Massachusetts (US) and California Institute of Technology (US). As always, the top of the list is dominated by American and British Universities this year, together making up about 40% of the entire list of 200. The US universities account for more than a quarter, while the UK institutions make up about 15% of the top 200 universities. Outside of the US and the UK, there is fair representation of Australian, Canadian and European institutions and a smattering of Asian universities from China, Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore and Malaysia.

The number of Asian universities in the list of top 100 has increased from 14 to 16. The University of Tokyo, at 22, is the highest ranked Asian university, ahead of the University of Hong Kong that stands at 24.

Here are the names of 6 Pakistani universities among top 300 Asian universities ranked by QS 2012:

#108 NUST Islamabad

#191-200 University of Karachi

#201-250 Agha Khan University Karachi

#201-250 Univ of Engg & Tech (UET) Lahore

#251-300 Lahore University of Management Sciences

#251-300 University of Lahore

Haaretz: Israeli lecturer takes part in Pakistan conference

The fact that he (Prof Ramzi Suleiman )is an Israeli Arab drew a positive response from many of the Pakistani scientists, who were interested developments in Israel and the Palestinian Authority and spoke about the importance of cooperation in the field of science. ....Participating in the conference were some 200 physicists and mathematicians from various countries, including China, England, Japan, Switzerland and the U.S., in addition to researchers from a number of Pakistani universities.

Suleiman represented the University of Haifa and Al Quds University, where he teaches.

Suleiman, who was among the speakers invited to the conference, spoke about the Newtonian Theory of Relativity, which he proposes as an alternative for Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

He focused on the implementation of the proposed theory to understand the dynamic of the universe, including the dynamic of dark energy, black holes in the centers of galaxies and the evolution of chemical elements in the universe.

A blot that no university is among world’s top 500: PM | India News - Times of India

PATNA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday described as a "blot" the fact that Indian universities did not figure among the world's top 500, and said the government had decided to give autonomy and Rs 10,000 crore to India's top 10 public and 10 private universities over the next five years to make them world-class.

Addressing the centenary celebrations of Patna University here in the presence of Bihar chief minister Nitish KumarModi said the institution should compete for a place among the top 20 universities in the country.

He said the top 20 universities would be selected by an independent jury.

"The government wants to free the top universities of government control. I invite Patna University to compete for that as it would be much greater than getting a central university status," the PM said.

Nitish had earlier made a fervent appeal to Modi to grant central university status to PU and said everyone was looking towards him with a lot of hope. This was the first time Modi had shared the stage with Nitish Kumar after JD(U)'s return to the NDAfold.

Modi also pointed out how many top civil servants working across the country were from the Patna University. "I interact with 100-150 officials every day and a large number of them are from PU," he said.


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