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NED's Professor Nauman has passed away!

My dear friend and NED EE professor Mohammad Nauman passed away earlier today. Alas, my meeting with him in July this year at NEDUET will…

Started by Riaz Haq in NEDians Community NewsLatest Reply

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Mentoring Forum

This forum is aimed at enabling NEDians to establish mentor-mentee relationships among themselves. This mentoring could be related to higher education, career advice, entrepreneurship or any other area where accomplished NEDians can help their fellow alumni get honest, friendly advice and/or practical assistance.

28 May 21, 2018
Ramadan Mubarak to Everyone!
by UsmanAli

NED & Alumni Giving

This forum is dedicated to discussing how NED alumni can play a role in enhancing the academic life, extra-curricular activities and international perception of their alma mater. This is well established tradition in the United States and, recently, IIT of India has started emulating this tradition. The result has been a remarkable improvement in the perception of IITs in the West. IIT graduates now come with a cachet rarely accorded foreign institutions of higher learning by US industry and academia. Can we, the NED alums, do the same for NED? Please offer your thoughts.

6 Aug 26, 2012
Reply by Riaz Haq

Contemporary Pakistani Society

This forum is intended to provide an opportunity for members to share their thoughts in a civil way on how they see Pakistani society today including the good, the bad and the ugly. As we talk about the problems, the members are expected to show civility and restraint in dealing with differences that exist in our society and focus our attention on the issues and the possible solutions.

43 Sep 4
Reply by Riaz Haq

Resources for motivated self-learners

The fundamental skill we all need to have learned by the time we are in an institution of higher learning like NEDUET is to learn on our own. We need to be self-motivated to seek the resources to educate ourselves about our specialized field and our general education about the world to learn independently and think analytically and act without whining. This forum is dedicated to life-long self learners who have no interest in learning by rote just to pass the exams and get a degree.With all of the online resources availlable including free access to course materials at the top universities, abundance of online knowledge such as Wikipedia, it is now more possible than ever. Some examples are : 1. Over 1700 MIT free online courses at 2. Online encyclopedia at 3. Online Research Networks such as With proliferation of such resources, any self-motivated person, faculty or student can master the material in their g=field of choice regardless of any other issues or excuses. Let's talk about what we can do and not focus on the negatives.

6 May 10, 2018
Reply by zahra zafar

Culture of Achievement & Entrepreneurship among NEDians

How can we promote a culture of achievement in education, entrepreneurship and self-reliance among fellow NEDians? How about looking at some of the role models who have made significant accomplishments after graduating from NED? What did they do? How did they do it? How can we emulate them? Or chart our own course that leads to even greater success? Let's talk about these things in this forum.

6 Nov 17, 2015
Reply by Riaz Haq

NED Students Opinions & Commentary

This is the place current students of NED can express opinions and make comments about NED policies, processes, decisions etc in a respectful way without bashing a particular person.

2 May 13, 2018
Reply by zahra zafar

Cricket Lovers

Any one watching ICC twenty20 tourney in South Africa? Please tell us what you think about 2020?

24 Oct 20
Reply by Afshan Bashir

Employment Opportunities

Members can post information about employment opportunities within their own companies or offer suggestions relating to employment to fellow NEDians.

10 No activity yet

Opportunities in Pakistan

Many in the NEDian diaspora who have been away from home for a while often think about returning. This forum is meant to discuss the opportunities and downsides of returning to Pakistan. Members are encouraged to share the experience in a rational way weighing the positives and the negatives of such a move.

8 May 2
Matric Result 2019
by Asad Ali

Science and Technology Education in Pakistan

The quality of Science & Technology education has a direct impact on the economic, social, military and political strength and international standing of a nation. The nations that dominate the world today and the new emerging powers have on thing in common: their focus on world-class institutions of higher learning in science and technology. The obvious examples are the universities in US and Western Europe and the IIT system in India. What is your view of the state of science & tech education in Pakistan? How does NED stack up versus IIT? What can be done to enhance it? Please discuss it with focus on understanding the causes and finding possible solutions.

18 Aug 24
US probes into the link between vaping and lung disease after patient dies
by Sobia Anjum

Pakistan Defense

This forum is dedicated to matters related to Pakistani military and defense.

1 Nov 9, 2018
Reply by Riaz Haq

Visa, Immigration and related discussion

This forum is designed to allow exchange of ideas on topics related to various governments rules regarding visa (including F1, H1B etc) and legal ways for NEDians who wish to work or travel in various countries.

3 Jun 23, 2018
Reply by zahra zafar

NEDians Community News

This forum is designed to keep NEDians informed of various events and occasions of celebrations or sadness experienced by the NEDian community. Hopefully, we'll see mostly good news here.

35 Dec 13, 2014
NED Petroleum Students Win Second Prize in International Oil and Gas Competition in Budapest
by Riaz Haq

Pakistan Economy

Data, news, information on Pakistani economy

6 Oct 27
Police arrest JUI-F leader Mufti Kifayatullah in Islamabad
by Sobia Anjum


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