It's been a few years but I still remember NED as an extremely selective institution with only a small percentage of applicants admitted. More than 80% were accepted on pure merit basis. The students represented the creme de la creme of Pakistani students. Many of my classmates and I were highly self-motivated and learned mostly on our own. The quality of the available resources including buildings, labs and equipment, even the quality of faculty did not get in the way of our learning. The value of what I did at NED became apparent after I came to the US and was able to walk into a lab and, as a graduate student, started teaching electronics lab. Not because I had a great lab or the best teachers, but because I learned on my own.

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that's what needed to learn at NED. If you rely on the univ and don't do anything on your own end, you won't succeed. But the fact is, now-a-days not many people are as motivated as it used to be the case in the past.

I was a student at NED from 94 to 98. And I certainly can endorse that self learning was the prime source of acquiring knowledge. I think as you are surrounded by highly fertile minds, its natural to learn from each other.

It is my strong believe that NED is an outstanding undergrad school not because of the the teachers or facilities but because of the students that are selected each year.



true... as i got in college i used to think that it was all upto the teachers to mould the students into engineers but as time passed by i started realizing that this wasnt really working out and that teachers were just filling out their formalities i.e to get their syllabi covered by the students. Now almost in my last year i believe the only way to grow rich is to teach yourself, the ability to retrieve knowledge by any means to tackle practical problems is the fundamental concept that is unmatched.


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