Currently I am in Final Year in Electronics. I want to do my MS in Telecommunication field (from UK). Kindly tell me about the exam I needed to take e.g. IELTS, GRE? And what is the Fee structure there in UK?

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You'll need to give IELTS if you want to pursue MS from UK. There are some good Universities which even waive the requirement of IELTS as the medium of instruction in NED is english e.g. University College London. As far as I remember there is a certificate issued by the registrar indicating that the medium of instruction was english for 4 years. But most of the Universities require IELTS, so its better to give IELTS. The fee sturcture is more or less same. All the reputed institutions require something like 11-13K pounds (only tuition) for an year. But University College London and Imperial College London require something around 17K pounds. So its upto you to search the Universities throughly and then make a prudent decision.
After Imperial, UCL, KCL there is also Bristol Uni which has a very good reputation in Communications & Signal Processing. Its fees is currently 13,100 pounds which is a bit on the higher side but the uni ranks among the best.
Although, most universities require IELTS and it is better both for the visa and admission that you give it, to be on the safe side. However, since I had a GCE in English and the letter from NED stating that 'medium of instruction was english' I did not need to give IELTS and not a single university objected.


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