We are delighted to inform you that NED University of Engineering & Technology, one of the most prestigious universities of Pakistan is organizing an All Pakistan Digital Innovation Competition and Exhibition (DICE) 2008 to be held on December 2008 at NED, Karachi.

The purpose of this event is to support the students and acknowledge their abilities & efforts.

DICE 2008 promises to be a major event in which departments of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Material, Communication, Automotive, Civil, Petroleum, Computer Science & IT, Chemical, Bio- Medical, Textile and Industrial Manufacturing would be participating.

The All Pakistan Digital Innovation Competition & Exhibition 2008 will cater to a minimum of 5000 visitors, including 300 competitors, 400 corporate guests, 4000 currently enrolled students, 500 graduates of NED University, 400 faculty members of different universities, 1000 visitors and media personnel.

The event is managed by the Directorate of Industrial Liason of NED-UET and is helped by students of the same university under the name of Progressive Students of Pakistan (PSP).

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