Well well seems this forum have gone dead...so to give it a life...we all are aware that how innovative we are ;)....well now to be short and straight... for the development of reasearch work and projects...we are now announcing SPEC (Student Project Exhibition and Competion) ...this event will be intradepartmental, and students from various departments will be exhibiting their projects, and competing, this will help them develop better confidence, gain more knowledge and have more ideas ...
SPEC, is being introduced for the 3rd time, It started during the year 2006, and uptill 2007, 2 events of SPEC got organized but all being on inter department level (only electronic engineering students were exhibiting)...but now we the organisers of this event, Third Year Electronic, are thinking to expand, invite externals to view the projects, allow students from other departments to exhibit... we've drafted our plans, but as we all know for any event to take place and succeed the biggest hurdle remains SPONSORSHIP...so we are looking forward for our respected seniors, professionals and all interested that please support us by providing feedbacks, comments and as much sponsorship as possible...for contact you may use this forum, or my email address, jamshiddastur@yahoo.com,...
for reference and information regarding past events of SPEC the site is underconstruction, as soon as the site is finalized and launced you'll be notified to seek interest...
Looking forward for sponsorships and positive interest.
Best Regards
Jamshid Dastur
Organizer SPEC 2008

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Assalam u Alikum to all
NED University, one of the Pakistan’s high ranked(or prestigious) university famous for “producing the most brilliant minds (engineers)”.If we envisage the focused group of words, one part say that splendid minds are being provided to the industrial world but the other part(hidden truth),rather a bitter fact, forces us to question; are these brilliant mind worth useful for the growth and production of an industry?.........and the answer is “CERTAINTELY NOT”.
What are the reason that the students from GIK,NUST ,FAST etc outclass students from our University? Why our students are not able to cope with the situations? Why they are not able to apply their skills?.......................questions are too many to handle the rising utter confusion among ourselves.
One of the core reason behind this scenario is that our students are not having any way via which they could go out and expose their talent.
One of the example of such case is that a proposal had been presented by By Dr. Aamir Alam Farooqui,Sunnyvale, CA for setting up a research center in NED with the help of his friends and companies in the Silicon Valley, USA. The idea was to attract students to conduct research in emerging technologies so that they could keep abreast of changing trends in the high-tech industry. But from the NED University, no reply was received for six months. On his follow-up of the proposal through the Higher Education Commission, he received a lengthy charge sheet from the Vice Chancellor of the NED University through an email message and later through registered mail at his office in California.
With the efforts of students, the plane of events of exhibitions is trying to take off the ground but is facing many problems.
Last year Techilite- hardware, software, programming exhibition, had been organized by CIS(computer & information systems) which did take off the grounds.
This time we, the students of electronics department, are looking forward to expand our boundaries SPEC-student project exhibition and competition, an event held for the last two consecutive years, for the students of electronics only. This time we intend to move on from inter departmental level to intra-university level.
Yet, the university is giving us opportunity to organize this event, but this support would not be of any avail unless we are capable to make this platform futile for the upcoming rather growing industry of tomorrow.Despite of all hurdles ,still optimistic approach,and diligent abilities do not allow the strings of NEDIAN’s hope for a better future to shackle.
Currently we are standing on the mount of troubles while the clock is still ticking. Financial problem Is the core issue, since what ever we are upto, we have to do it on our own. the university could only assist us and provide us the required space and the rest state affairs lies on our shoulders.
So its an appeal to all the past NEDIANS,and professionals if they wish their university could ever compete with others, or on the hard side, if it could prevail the rushing technological waves, Please help us.
We need SPONSERS for this event to take place.
Please assist us in our quest at the earliest. You are our only hope.
We are eagerly waiting for your response

Sohaib Nomani
Organizer SPEC 2008.
Cell #:0092-345-216-7860
SPEC 2008, website launched......


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