New Gwadar International Airport in Balochistan, Pakistan

New Gwadar International Airport is shaped like a rising Phoenix. It is a Class 4F airport. It is only the second greenfield airport in Pakistan after New Islamabad International Airport. The airport's 4C, 4D, 4E, 4F... are the flight zone levels, which are represented by numbers + letters. The number indicates the length of the runway, and "4" indicates 1800 meters or more. The letters indicate the wingspan and wheelbase of the aircraft that can take off and land, from A to F, the larger it becomes. ------------------ Karachi Airport Certified for Aircraft Operation up to Aerodrome Reference Code 4E --------------------------- Islamabad Airport has been certified for aircraft operation up to aerodrome reference code 4F that allows Airbus A380 flight operations. The purpose of this AIRAC AIP Supplement is to notify the aviation industry of the aeronautical ground facilities, navigational equipment and services that are available at Islamabad Int’l airport for aerodrome reference code 4F Cargo / Commercial Operations. The airport is located at a distance of 14.08NM from Islamabad city.