Foreign funding case: SBP informs scrutiny committee about 23 PTI accounts

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Tuesday has conducted hearing of the foreign funding case against the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) after 18 months.

During the hearing of the Foreign Funding Case in the Election Commission, it was informed that the State Bank had informed the Scrutiny Committee about 23 PTI accounts.

A three-member bench of the Election Commission headed by the Chief Election Commissioner heard the foreign funding case against PTI.

Chief Election Commissioner remarks that PTI has given 4 new petitions to the committee, the Scrutiny Committee has sent us petitions that the decision be made by the Chief Election Commissioner, you just want to increase the workload.

PTI lawyer contends that false news pertaining to scrutiny committee.

The purpose of spreading bad news was to discredit PTI, all four of our petitions demand that the leakage of the proceedings of the committee be stopped and action against the leakers of the committee misinformation.

We have talked about the maliciousness of the applicant, we are not accusing the committee of determining you responsible.

The Chief Election Commissioner remarked that in the last five and a half years, what has happened to you who has been accused of maliciousness, ignore the TV program if something comes up.

Which 23 accounts are being mentioned by the State Bank?

At this, the petitioner's lawyer Ahmed Hassan Advocate replied that the State Bank had informed the committee about 23 PTI accounts.

Representatives of PTI were present in every meeting of the committee, however, due to the absence of a PTI representative, there was not even a committee meeting.

People of PTI leaked information and are fleeing as an excuse for information leakage.

For scrutiny of foreign funding, the ECP has already issued notices to the concerned parties including the PTI and Akbar S Babar – who had filed the case in November, 2014, after he developed differences with the party.

The bench headed by Chief Election Commission (CEC) Sardar Muhammad Raza Khan examined a report concluded by a special committee to probe the matter.

Subsequently, the hearing has been adjourned till October 10.

The previous hearing of the case was held in March, 2018.

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