GNMI Provides Digital Media Training for Hyderabad Journalists

A major increase in number of people have access to mobile phones, internet and social media in Pakistan, media has made shift towards digital.

To introduce digital media techniques Global Neighbourhood for Media Innovation (GNMI) on Wednesday organized a Digital Media Training Program which was held at Hyderabad Press Club in which digital interviewing tools and techniques were taught to electronic and print media journalists from different organizations.

The GNMI consists of Media Literacy, Media Advocacy and Media And Civil Society Collaboration.The training program is focus on two parts: One is Digital Interviewing Tools and Techniques and another is Interviewing Survivors of Gender-based Violence.

During the training, the participants learnt something advance in the field of media, such as digital interviewing tools and techniques and comparison between TV interview and digital interview.

The candidates get advance knowledge in this field in the training.

Anchorperson and Digital Media trainer Najia Asher has given the lecture in the program about digital media through digital based interviews on various sites including BBC Urdu, The Current etc, these outlets have introduced user and mobil-friendly websites, with photos, clear layouts and multimedia content.

She told that as compared to TV interview the digital interview or other videos are concise and news media outlets mostly produce 1–2 minute videos on different issues, and if the video includes a host, they should good presentation and clear speaking skills.

At the training program, trainer informed about the essential factors to keep on mind when creating a video interview for a digital platform include prepare, research, logistics, location, quality of video, audio, interviewing and presentation skills.

There has been a major increase in number of people who own or use mobile phone and internet.As per Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Pakistan has 164 million cellular subscribers, 74 million 3G/4G subscribers and 76 million broadband sibscribers, as of November 2019.

Increasing the numbers of people have access to mobile phones, internet which is largely concentrated in urban centres but also has made headway in rural and semi-rural areas.

The reason behind the global shift of media towards digital, led media houses to realise the need to create digital strategies their content with a large audience.Now-a-days, more and more people read news online, on different websites and social media.

In Pakistan, media houses are still looking for ways to make it more profitable.In this regard, At Hyderabad Press Club, one-day training program arranged was given on digital media and how to use it.

The Global Neighborhood for Media Innovation (GNMI) provided this latest training to Hyderabad journalists on the use of digital media and taught them lessons that would help them in the field.

Journalists also conducted video interview production experiments, where issues related to gender discrimination and violence were discussed.Meanwhile, the country’s leading journalist and GNMI trainer Najia Ashar, who is training journalists, said that the time to come is digital media that needs to be informed.Journalists should make stories and interview digital media on topics that are the focus of viewership on the Internet.At the end of the training, participants received a certificate while President Hyderabad Press Club Lala Rehman Samo and General Secretary Mohammad Hussain Khan were also given a shield.

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