How to Charge Solar Panel Without Sun?

As the huge expenses of electricity have shifted the people’s minds towards the investment in solar panels. Solar panels are becoming the way to common in culture. Solar energy has become one of the sources of saving money. But there is a contrary point what if there is no solar energy or the weather is cloudy having no sun?

Is there any alternative to charging solar panels with no sunlight at all!

Oh yeah, there are some other means of charging solar panels but what are they? So here in this article, we’ll gonna discuss various other methods. Let’s see what are they!

Other methods for charging solar panel

Here are few ways to charge the solar panel, if there is no sunlight:

Charging with Indirect Sunlight

There can be three ideas for charging solar panels in indirect sunlight as follows:

  • In gloomy weather clean your solar panels so that sunlight reached solar panel. Although there will be no sun rays in cold weather. However, cleaning any dust or dirt off the cover of the panels will surely help solar panels to charge efficiently and make better use of limited sunlight. Be gentle while cleaning solar panels for avoiding any harm to them.
  • Turn the position of your solar panels for receiving limited sunlight. Place it to the angle where sun rays directly hit as it moves across the sky. Such direction is especially for winters when there’s limited sunlight available during the day. this is a somehow hectic method, because how many times will you fix the position?
  • Another way of charging is the mirror's use to redirect sunlight towards solar panels if required. If the solar panels are placed under some shadow, placing diagonal mirrors at the sides for reflection of sunlight onto the panels. This isn’t a better alternate solution, but it might help when you can’t relocate the solar panels. However, this will require a frequent shift of mirrors according to the sun.

Use of artificial lighting

Another way of charging the solar panel is the use of incandescent light. For charging the solar panels through artificial lighting sources such as incandescent bulbs, positioned the panels, away a few inches from the face of the panel.

It will work for charging a solar panel battery. It is a substitute for direct sunlight because it's the quality of solar cells that they can work on both types of light, due to the same wavelengths and spectrum.


Although, the best way of charging the solar panel in Pakistan is sunlight. But due to unfortunate reasons, if you have no access to sunlight so, you can adopt these other methods and charge the solar panels. Or if you live in any area where there are fewer sunny days, so be a little intelligent while operating solar devices, for a better outcome.

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