Is "Messiah" worth watching? This says the criticism about the controversial Netflix series

A controversial new Netflix series is giving rise to talk. It is about " Messiah", which revolves around the question of whether the protagonist ─Al-Masih, played by Belgian actor Mehdi Dehbi─ is a genuine messiah, a nefarious political agent, or a trickster. It is mostly focused on the Muslim narrative of Messiah, as we know it by the name of Dajjal.

Set between the Middle East and the United States, the thriller follows the story of a mysterious religious leader who is hunted by the American intelligence agency, the CIA. This is what the critics say about it.

A heartbreaking fiction that grabs you
" It's powerful stuff packed with great acting, " says " The Guardian, " who compares the drama to a mix of "Homeland" with a divine twist. Heartbreaking and compelling are two adjectives he uses to describe fiction.

"Even in the first episodes, 'Messiah' is capable of giving great blows that surprise you when you realize how far he has hooked you, " he emphasizes.


It is neither as exciting nor as mysterious as it pretends in its trailer, according to the critics of " The Hollywood Reporter ". Throughout the 10 chapters of "Messiah", which are already available on Netflix, he criticizes that he did not find anything surprising or brave in the plot. To be more precise: "it is a show badly done".  


"Making a series whose plot depends on miracles is already challenging. It takes a carefully balanced and well-constructed world for viewers to take the extraordinary with faith. ' Messiah ' lacks that," notes " Variety ."

He criticizes that the Netflix drama has several aspects that are incredulous and told in a very bland and direct way. " As if the presenter the story of Al-Massih with little vitality or mystery can be made more credible, " he says. 


The first idea, provided by CNN, is that the " Messiah " series would have been better as a movie. Despite this, she points out that she has qualities that make her worthy of being marathoned, but at the same time it becomes frustrating. This is due to the fact that he plays with ending the mystery about the protagonist, in each chapter, and then keeping the audience in the dark. 

The saving element is the notion that the government suspects Al-Masih, combined with the effects of social media. However, "the story often deviates from the central plot. The rewards do not justify the risk and the merits of the first season do not justify the total investment of time invested ." 

Source: RPP

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