Only 17 People Left Poor out of 80m Population Under Poverty Alleviation Program

China's provincial government has claimed that out of the 80 million people in Jiangsu province, only 17 are poor. 

According to the Chinese media report, the government launched the Poverty Reduction Program in 2019, which is going on successfully, the federal government claims that the country has almost eliminated poverty.

The Chinese government also says that millions of people are now living in poverty across the country, while several provincial governments have announced that no one is living below their poverty line.

The government of Jiangsu, the eastern province of China, claims that their province has a population of 800 million and only 17 of them are living in poverty.

According to the government statement, the remaining poor belong to six different families which will soon be taken to the middle class.

Provincial government officials claimed that under the 'Poverty Alleviation' scheme in 2019, nearly 21 million people were out of poverty line and now they are earning more than twice as much as before. 

According to Chinese media reports, those earning $ 331 a year in China are considered poor, more than 21 million people are now earning US $ 864 a year since the government program began.

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