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Top 5 places for couples to visit in Pakistan.

Winter is here! From gushing cold breeze to misty nights and grey foggy mornings, everybody loves winters. But these are not the only things which winter brings in Pakistan, there is something else, something much awaited – wedding bells. Ting, ting, ting! Yes, in Pakistan, winter season is also called as wedding season and this wedding season is all set to hail in Pakistan.

With the arrival of wedding season, Northern areas of Pakistan are also going to be filled with the laughter, smiles, hopes, dreams and vows of newlyweds. Honeymoon! Yes, sweet honeymoon period is about to begin. To start the new phase of life with mutual harmony and understanding, newlyweds head towards northern areas of Pakistan.

But it is not an easy decision, with so many stunningly beautiful places in Pakistan, one may get lost while picking the destination for the honeymoon. So, Tripkar has chosen the best places for the couples to visit:


Gilgit, the capital city of Gilgit Baltistan – where nature has liberally spread its art and imagination, is one of the best places for couples looking forpeace and serenity. With turquoise blue lakes, astonishing valleys, towering mountains and evergreen trees, this place gives the couples a chance to get the motivation from nature to start their life with hues, live with tranquility and satisfaction from each moment they spend together. There is so much to do, so much to think and so much to see at this place that you need a whole life to cherish this place to the fullest.


Every year numerous sightseers visit Skardu to explore the beauty of Pakistan, it is one of the best spots for couples to visit and enjoy. Situated at an altitude of 7, 500 ft, this place is a paradise and this paradise has various beautiful places for love birds to discover. Explore the myths of lakes, stories of valley and enchanted forests and go for a long walk to an unknown destination– what else can be more enticing for couples than this?

Hunza Valley:

Hunza – an intriguing valley situated in Gilgit Baltistan, gives a fairytale like wedding trip for couples. If you are looking to spend some quality time with each other, discover the beauty of Hunza. Hunza is a delightful mix of beauty, experience and peacefulness. Other than natural beauty, there are numerous different things you can do, for instance trekking, bluff jumping and climbing.

Nagar Valley:

Located at an elevation of 7, 999 ft, Nagar valley is a part of Gilgit Baltistan, located about 100 km away from Gilgit. Besides all other extravagant beautiful sites of Nagar valley, this place is highly recommended mostly due to Rakaposhi – the crown of this valley. Rakaposhi is the 27th highest peak in the world and 12th highest of Pakistan, but this not the only accolade which this mountain holds. Its beauty is its biggest accolade – making it distinct from all other highest peaks of the world. Rakaposhi means ‘snow covered’ in the local language and this snow covered giant is must to see once in your life.

Swat Valley:

If you have a desire to go to Switzerland for your honeymoon, then you really don’t need to spend a lot of money for this, because you can experience the beauty of Switzerland right in Pakistan. Swat valley! Regarded as the Switzerland of Pakistan, this valley is a high octane destination to visit for the couples. There are too many destinations in this valley like Malam Jabba, Miandam, Behrain, Ghabral, Pari (Khapiro) Lake, Kalam and Daral Lake. So, if you are looking for a destination which can give you vibes of luxury amidst natural beauty, then go for it! You can find here the perfect package for the best honeymoon - exotic lodging options as well as spots to satisfy your desire to explore natural beauty.

If you are heading for a honeymoon, then is here to make it the perfect phase of your life.

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