This discussion is being started in response to a suggestion from NEDian Farid Durrani to develop concrete proposals for creating mentor-mentee relationships among alumni, faculty and students. The first thought is about focusing on topics for collaboration on final year projects. As an example, Farid has sent me the following links: and
We do not have to follow the exact mechanism and format used by IIT Bangalore. Instead, we can create relevant groups within PakAlumni to promote this concept and collaborate on projects.
How do you like this idea? Do you want to offer yourself as mentor and mentee to get started? Are there other similar ideas to create partnerships for NED alums, faculty and students? Please jump in and help move it forward.

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I second this idea, seems quite doable & could be a great start. We can even try influencing our companies if possible to sponsor some R&D projects, especially in computer systems & IT areas where limitation of proper research facility & resources are not that critical.
I can offer my services if any one is interested in the field of design & development of Industrial Gas Cutting & Welding Equipment, Design for manufacturing & assembly & Design of Experiment.
This is great. Could you please post 2 or 3 project ideas that would be doable, instructive and relevant to industry?
I would suggest the same to all members volunteering to participate. Thx
My senior discussed with me the idea of proposing students to build a USB Controller prototype on FPGA. Infact I belong to a company in Karachi and if somebody interested could contact me.
I worked as a software engineer/project manager for a few years before getting an MBA and am now working as an Equity Analyst in the Asset Management/Research area.

I'd be happy to guide anyone who is interested in pursuing an MBA from a top tier school and/or making a transition to any finance career or any of the common post MBA destinations.

With the help of a few pakistani business school graduates, we have organized a number of admission/awareness events. One in Karachi and one in Chicago, USA. My business school's pakistani alum website is:

Please feel free to forward this information to anyone who may find it useful.
Asim Raja
Hi, I have worked in the "communications" industry for number of years and woud be more than glad to mentor 1-2 students with some specific projects and/or guidance they would need.

i will be working on UPS supplies as my final year project.if there is any body who can guide me in this regard.i have studied theorotical stuff quite alot i just want some one who can guide me as to what innovation, new thing can be made in this particular project and how should i proceed
I am working as a Software Engineer for several years. I would like to help anyone working on projects related to software specially web based applications.
Assalam u Alaikum to all,

I am proud to be an NEDian (Mechanical) and would like to help/ mentor students for their final year projects or other projects if they are interested in areas relevant to my field.

I am a development engineer in automotive engineering field in Germany. My favourite Dr. Muzzaffar knows me (still ??) and I did present possibilities for automotive engineering to him and other students during a presentation a few years ago. Later he (??) made the right decision to start automotive engineering in NED and for this too we exchanged a few emails. I exchanged the same idea of mentoring for projects to my friend Humail ul Islam who is currently Asst. Professor in NED ...... and hopefully I will discuss this possibility in detail when I will visit Pakistan.

Please let me know if you have any student looking for projects in Automotive etc. field then he can contact me through email easily and we can see if there is any possibility for me to help him or her in their field. Also please let me know if there is some other "useful" method to take part in this process.

This message is mainly to applaud the effort of Riaz Sahib for PakAlumni related work ......... Please continue!!

Thanks .........
well I believe those who wanted to help the students in their projects should either give their email ID or should create a platform where students can contact them n discuss their projects....
Assalam u Alaikum Qasim bhai ....

I thought of Riaz sahib only when i was writing that "post" and since he should know my email address therefore i didnt write it .... incidently it became a "mistake" ... so the compensation .. my email address which i check more or less every day .... many times ..... is ............... ....

enjoy ...
I have created a group called "NED Final Year Project" for mentors and mentees to join and work on various ideas together. If this works out and we get several project-based pairings under way, I am discussing the possibility of setting up a website as an exchange to formalize it. Hope we can make good use of these facilities.
i just would like to add few line if some one planing to formalize this idea. this may be helpful.
there should be some sort of database showing all major catagories elect, mech, civi. etc then further should show the list of mentors offering their servies with their email, current work/research or a short note of few lines. if any student or group of student want to contact any mentor they can directly approach them. on the other hand students and group of students can also leave they project or problem open to all mentors with thier names, emial and abstract any mentor who is able to help them can approach them. this will work in both directions. the problem is credibility of mentoring and maintenance of data base.

further my areas of interest are wireless comm systems, smart antennas and array signal processing. any one seeks help under these are most welcom. i am doing phd on chanel decomposition of mimo wireless sys. i can be reached at


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