Assalam-o-Alaikum all my respected seniors !
Well b4 I start lemme introduce myself.I'm Qasim doing my BE in Electrical Engineering from NED Universoty, currently a student of TE Electrical.Nowadays busy in my TE exams infact yesterday it was our 1st paper.
I m very keen to do MS from abroad & what difficulties em facing would like to share with you so that you may get some suggestions how you people can help us

Admission tips:

1.When we apply to top universities, we are suggested to contact some teacher of that area n then if they like your ideas they can give help in getting your admission(Talking about TOP Universities) , so I expect the ex-NEDians to be in connection with top class universities they can post from which university they are related or they have some connection with the teachers.Even if they are able to get some intro with the teachers of our desired university for MS that would be a gr8888 gr8888888 help

2.You people can post suggestions how can we increase our chances to get admission in top universities where there is too much competition.What are the other main criterias apart from %age on which they select their students etc

Financial Problems:

1.When I'll be going for MS inshALLAH I would be in need of some odd jobs or some part time jobs.Surely everyone going for MS would be looking for it so those NEDians who are settled in that country can help by using their contacts.

2.Well during our MS ofcourse we are gonna face financial problems because of the high fees of international universities so you can collect some funds & give LOANS to those NEDians for 1 or 2 years.Even a load of 2 or 3,000 $ can be so much valuable at that time that you cannot imagine.All the legal formalities can be done to avoid any kind of fraud


1.Any kind of tips to get good scores in GRE n IELTS would be appreciated.How to preppare... prepare by ourself or from some recommended institute etc

2.Financial Help... these 170$ are too much during a student life,infact is 1.5 times our annual fees in NED :) This financial help can be based on MERIT & NEED cum MERIT basis

well these were my suggestions.Thnx for using your valuable time for reading.Now I need your comments & your PRACTICAL ACTIONS on these suggestions.I ve underlined the points which were most important for me.
Thnx once again

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