Riaz Haq

71, Male

Silicon Valley, CA

United States

Profile Information:

Where do you live?
Silicon Valley, CA, USA
Your real name? (No pseudonyms, please)
Riaz Haq
Which college or university?
NED University and New Jersey Institute of Technology
Any fellow Pakistani Alumni living near you?
Yes, many.
Your graduation date?
Your major?
Electrical Engineering
What do you do for a living?
Start-up business consulting
Any professional affiliations? Memberships in professional orgs?
TIE Charter member, NED Alumni Association of Silicon Valley
What have you done for your alma mater lately?
Organized NEDians Convention 2007. Started NEDians Worldwide.
Tell us about you:
I am the Founder & President of PaAlumni . In addition to being a high-tech executive, I am an entrepreneur, an investor, and an avid watcher of South Asia and financial markets, I have more than 25 years experience in the hi-tech industry. I have co-founded two high-tech startups and managed multi-million dollar business. I am a pioneer of the PC and mobile businesses and I have held senior management positions in hardware and software development of Intel’s microprocessor product line from 8086 to Pentium processors. My experience includes senior roles in marketing, engineering and business management. I was recognized as “Person of the Year” by PC Magazine for my contribution to 80386 program. I have an MS degree in Electrical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. I have two blogs: http://riazhaq.blogspot.com, http://southasiainvestor.blogspot.com
What are your hobbies?
Reading, travel, blogging, community service.
Your favorite books?
1984, Fahrenheit 451, The Long Tail, Wikinomics, Blue Oceans Strategy, The Buffet Way
Favorite Music:
The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, U2, Cat Stevens, Ghazals, Nusrat Fateh Ali
Favorite TV Shows:
60 Minutes, The Simpsons, Aaj with Kamran Khan,Pak Music on Geo & ARY, CNBC Squawk Box.

Comment Wall:

  • Sohail Sarwar Tahir

    Thanks for your comments, certainly you have experienced these kinda forumns more closely.....but let me share couple of points...

    1) we have couple of mailing lists for NEDians to say in touch but most of the students are not aware of dat

    2) web is the most effective way to share our thoughts (scholarship program: transactions can be made onlilne etc, mentoring forum: detailed profile of alumni with search capabilities and students can contact us)

    3) online books, resources that can be added later....in fact that should be done by NED Admin but I dont think daz gonna happen in next decade


    So, my point is if we can create a web its easy to share with students and they can get any info they want from there (just one platform)

    I know its a lot of effort and you are right you wanna figure out if its worthit.....which is perfectly alright BUT I THINK its worth trying


    Solution::: Can we suggest the web development as final year project for NED students?? Do you think this can do??

    When I had time, I worked on that but I was depending on folks in karachi to register NGO / NPO but no one really wanted to do all the paper work and therefore I almost had to quit the idea....

    Couple of students contacted me for scholarship but I really didnt have any good answer for them


    Bottomline::: These ideas are not new, all we need is a proper representation, that is accessible to students [we dont need to depend on any mailing lists, any other mode of communication, like notice board :) etc......just one single platform]

    Looking forward to hear from you more on this

    Take care,

  • Syed Qasim Bukhari

    thnx for the informative links sir !! they r really of my great interest & i would give some thoughtful time in reading those articles butttttttt actually they are not related to the problem em facing....... em having difficulties regarding the stereo vision algorithms ... 8 point algorithm n others.. how to aply them.. what if I ve a pair of images what to do next ?? what problem i might face when working underwater . etc
  • Riaz Qamar

    Thanks for your appreciation. Sadly, I don't see revival of cricket in Pakistan :'(
  • Syed Zulfiqar Yezdan

    Thanks. I will try to get the source files and upload again
  • Dilara Hafiz

    Thanks Riaz Bhai - this looks like a great website. I always enjoy your opinions in Pakistan Link - keep up the thoughtful, analytical writing - we need it!
  • Ameer Alam

    Thanks Riaz Bhai. I will post more material as soon as I can find some time. Allah Hafiz
  • Ameer Alam

    Inshallah very soon, I need a recent potrait made.
  • Sohail Sarwar Tahir

    Thanks sir...what are your plans for de long weekend?
  • Sohail Sarwar Tahir

    i will relax ...daz all i want...might look into office stuff on sunday and monday though....tried to implement something, somehow it didnt work as expected, have a deadline to meet (feb mid)....daz about it..
  • Muhammad Riaz

  • Jamshid Dastur

    Hello Sir, thankyou for your cooperation, Yes Mr. Nabil Rana from Cisco Pakistan is coordinating with us, he've told us that internal discussions are going on...he'll let us know soon.
  • Jamshid Dastur

    got it...will keep all the information posted and updated.
  • Jamshid Dastur

    Thankyou sir for referring SPEC to CISCO, CISCO have agreed to sponsor the prizes only, and they'll mail the details within this week...well a tension regarding prizes removed...still the arrangements are left...
    thanks for coordination.
  • Faisal

    You "Riaz Haq", doing a great job. As, we Pakistani always lacking behind from major technologies. Now, lacking behind in Social Networking where other people are catching it so well.

    Your, great effort to making hi-tech Pakistani people unite and together on central platform is appreciated.
  • Aamir A. Farooqui

    Dear Riaz sahib;
    Asalam alaikum,
    No problem, I am jsut posting my finidngs about NED please support the cause to improve NED standard. I do not have any personal rivalry against anyone. I am just against corruption.
  • Arif Zaman

    Thanks Riaz - look forward to hearing from you.
  • Haad-Bin-Tariq

    Respected Sir Riaz,

    Your prompt response reflected your ruly, kempt and neat disposition. It indeed gives me an alloyed emotion of pride and mirth to have earned the honor of interviewing a man of your stature. Certainly, it would add a new moon to our magazine. Thank you for granting us the access.

    Afterwards, I would like to brief to you a little about the magazine I have been working for, for the last four years.

    Sir, in my mail prior to this, I mentioned that the name of the magazine is 'The Watt'. It is the sole annual official magazine of the department. It has had four previous editions which were all acknowledged in good esteem. In the past, the magazine was a mere 30 page magazine. But this year, owing to the insistence of the pupil and preachers, we have set to work on a 80 page edition. Obviously, it is no trifling errand to materializing our dream. The magazine is not only floated in the department of Electrical Engineering but is also circulated in the department of Telecommunication Engineering, the daughter branch of Electrical. It is an annual magazine and every year we go with as many as 800-1000 copies, hinging upon our fiscals. The printing cost, as we have been told by the official printers of NED, is around 150,000 PKR. Our current monetary figure rests at 120,000 PKR all of which wad accumulated by visiting a lot many sponsors. We are far from our target and neither are there any more hopes from any other company to stand with us in good stead in our time of need.

    If you could show us a little glimmer of hope in the vast desert of deprivation and despair, our long-woven dream would no longer be a mirage. I should only be too glad to apprise you with any other information that you may want to know regarding the tabloid.

    I shall soon post you the questions that we have worked-out for your interview. We are all conducive to suggestions and counsel so do let us know should a find something amiss with our queries.


    Editor, The Watt
  • Ameer Alam

    Thank you very much Riaz Bhai. Please feel free to use my comments with or without my name anywhere. ISRO is not coming upfront with actually what happened to the spacecraft. It is a great set back to their space program. I am sure they are busy analyzing the data and will put out a report in six months (available only to the top govt officials). We will find out more in the coming days.
    Ramazan Mubarak to you and the family.
    Allah Hafiz
    Ameer Alam
  • Syed Dayab Hussain


    Respected Sir,

    This is to kindly draw your attention and cordially invite you to the 5th annual all Pakistan Student's Project Exhibition and Competition (SPEC), organized under the proficient supervision of the electronics department of one of the most reputed and alleged engineering universities of Pakistan, the NED university of Engineering and Technology. This year SPEC 2010 is being held on 19th April, 2010.

    Last year your contribution was of tremendous help for us in organizing such a successful event. This year along with all the competitions held last year we have come up with a new competition named as "Alternate Energy Competition" which will provide innovative and feasible solutions for the current energy crisis in Pakistan. The event will serve as a platform for all the undergraduates to showcase their technical skills and will surely enhance their abilities for a better performance in their future careers. We have Express News as our media partners this year.

    Your generous contribution and sponsorship would be of great assistance and would certainly add to the success of our event. We await your support and look forward to extending our sincerest gratitude for lending the needed support.


    Dayab Hussain,

    Marketing Manager SPEC 2010

    Contact info :
  • Syed Dayab Hussain

    Thanks a lot sir for this co-operation.Like every year, we are waiting for your keen consideration in this exhibition. we have got some sponsors but still our main event sponsors are undecided.
  • Syed Dayab Hussain

    Sir Riaz,
    you must be doing something for our exhibition.kindly give us a reply in support of this event, as 16 days are left and we have to do arrangements.
  • Ameer Alam

    I am in the process of collecting information. This is an 18 year old program and has been through several design cycles and test iterations. Failure seems to be due to loss of control and therefore I am trying out find out more about their actuator design and the gimbal system. The second stage cryogenic engine (RL-10) for Delta IV launch vehicles, on which I worked uses an electromechanical actuators.
    Another theory is the failure of the cryogenic stage to ignite. ISRO is yet to put out a meaningful statement; it will take them a while to analyze the telemetry. Ignition system for the final stage is designed for multiple ignitions and is very robust.
    Cryogenic engines have high Isp (450) and use low temperature materials (-250 degC) @ 45000 rpm. India has been buying Russian cryogenic engines for their geosynchronous launches; failure puts their GSLV launch vehicle at least three years behind (and not one year as they are claiming). Also the Chandrayaan-2 mission will be forced to use a non-Indian launch vehicle because it weighs at least 75% more than Chandrayaan-1 and cannot be launched using the PSLV.
    I will write an article as soon I can deduct a possible meaningful conclusion.
  • Aslam Shaukat

    Alhamdolillah, Everything is fine. It really has been decades since we talked last time.
    I see you are Masha-Allah very active on this network. Its good to see pictures of Salman Qureshi and Quresh Diwan in your group photos. I Worked with Quresh Diwan on the same Nuclear Project WPPPS Unit 2 in Washington State in 1983 and visited his family too.
  • Munib

    Thanks for the response .

    I had been in contact with Mr. Jawed Saeedi a couple of months back regd my Final Year Project , but there seems to be a change of email address from his end . He hasn't replied since then . Can you help me getting linked up with him again .


  • Munib

    I have dropped them a mail . Lets hope for the best and thanks for the help.

  • Muhammad Hassan Aziz

    Dear Sir,

    I am Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Graduate of NED UET, batch 2007-08. I want to take some professional+educational knowledge regarding job/study abroad. I am available at m.hassan.aziz@hotmail.com. I will be thankful if you could give some of your precious time to me.


    Muhammad Hassan Aziz

  • shamim uddin

    Dear Riaz

    I am NED graduate of 1972-73 batch and I have class fellow in your management panel  1-Arif Gafur 2-Farid Durrani, 3- Idris Khotari...i need their email adress or let them contact me  Also can you create NEDIANS 1972-73 Mechanical Group in web site.

    Regards..SHAMIM UDDIN, shamimuddinbashir@hotmail.com