Possession wants to win the argument, Love desires to win connection.

As everyone knows that marriages are the momentous part of our daily lives. Since a person after getting married gets a partner with whom he/she spends his/her complete life. But in Pakistan nowadays despite spending a prosperous and joyful life with the partner, many people are divorcing their wives due to minute issues.

This trend is alarming. I am amazed why this culture is not vanishing in our country? 4 in 5 Pakistanis opine that the divorce rate has spiked in Pakistan.Views on Divorce Rate in Pakistan; 48% Believe it Has Increased, of Whom Majority Believes it is Due to Lack of Patience. 20thousand more cases are reported in family court for custody and divorce related issues than 2017 .

We must have to understand here that partners must must understand each other  first as a human being not a proposal to each other. They must see their worst and best sides before marrying. Prince Ea the motivational speaker advises couples that, You can't solely rely on your relationship to make you happy. You should strive to find happiness in other areas of your life: with your job, with your friends, with your family, with your hobbies, with your education. You can't use your relationship as a crutch.

Once you do, you become invested in the relationship not because you want them in your life, but because you need them. You become addicted to the way that they make you feel. You latch on. You stay with them for selfish reasons. You should want your significant other to be happy. You should hold their health and happiness to the highest regard. You should constantly be striving to make your partner feel cared for and loved.

Love says, 'I want you to be happy.' Possession says, 'I want you to make me happy.'"
"Possession is addiction. Love is commitment and understanding.
"Possession says 'me,' love says 'we.' Possession is a cage, love is the sea."

"Possession wants to control, love wants to free."

Loving someone means trusting someone. All too often, I hear about someone's significant other stopping them from reaching their goals or preventing them from just living their life. I truly believe that when you're in a relationship, to some extent, you have to let go. Sure, you're allowed to feel scared and jealous and insecure and protective. After all, you are dating that person. But you shouldn't be checking your partner's phone every day, asking for their location all the time, or being overbearing. Trust and commitment form the foundation for your relationship. I don't know how any healthy relationship can survive without it."Possession wants to hide. Love is vulnerable and exposed."

"Possession sees the body. Love sees the soul."

Honesty is another key value here. In order for your relationship to progress, you need to open up. You need to tell them things that you've never told anyone before. You need to confide in them. You need to bare your soul to them and show them, deep down, who you truly are. Your significant other needs to be thoughtful and understanding and should never judge you. You need to be willing to take a leap of faith and delve into topics that make you feel vulnerable. That's how you truly build a connection."Possession says, 'Who's right?' Love says, "What's right?"

"Possession wants to win the argument. Love desires to win connection."

At the end of the day, the most important thing should be building your relationship. I can guarantee you that winning an argument is never going to make you feel the same way that winning in love does. Winning in love means being able to set everything aside and just choose love. Choose happiness. Choose your relationship. It should never be you vs. your partner. It should be you and your partner vs. the world."Possession picks a flower out of the ground. Love waters it."

"Even love needs to be fed. A daily dose of forgiveness, understanding, not just those empty words said."

The fact of the matter is that relationships aren't easy. They require effort and awareness. If you want a happy relationship, you have to always be willing to change when you're doing something wrong or unhealthy. Your relationship is going to challenge you and sometimes even show you the worst parts of yourself. If you care about your S.O. enough, you will be willing to put your pride aside and change your behavior because that person deserves better from you. 

"Are you willing to persevere through tough times and choose love every single day? Are you willing to fix things that are broken and not just throw them away? There are going to be arguments and miscommunications in your relationship. It's up to both of you to come up with solutions and try to fix those problems. It's so unbelievably easy to throw things away once they require too much effort or start to break. But two people that are truly committed to a relationship will take the time to glue all of the pieces together, no matter how long it takes. You should always see your relationship as a work in progress, and an opportunity to continue to grow with your significant other.

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