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Ramzan and Our Duties in this Holy Month

Months is important for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, the month of worship and everyone wants to earn good and prays Post! God blessed me luck moments of this month, but on the other hand it makes them suffer in the month of concern to many white folders like me. But that only providers who alone is our belief, but still have things to show us. If I count the amount of people who were bound to be in the slightest concern over the arrival of Ramzan with Greetings, also a preparation for Ramadan and Eid with costs.

Therefore, as Muslims, we should contribute to facilitating and helpful to all Muslims in the holy month. The holy month requires that the trader's lack compared to other months polarizing food prices instead months of that recession end of Ramadan Importance Urdu, they are money distributed to workers and the poor try to tell Look how generous we are. It is better to traders to reduce their profits, so that the benefits reach the common user. Remember if you find less expensive items instead of the normal rate of the market and reasonable cost prasyaء abundance of food you can join in the prayer of every Muslim.

But unfortunately they seem to touch the sky inflation holy month of Ramadan. Prices of items to look to the sky, and like me needs in their limited income for a layman is difficult to complete, which only Muslims will not affect the minorities living in the country are. That if the situation did not appropriate any Muslim society, Islam is a religion of tolerance and good behavior, and that is the unfortunate to bring Eve.

The responsibility of the state is to take effective action against the hoarding to the illicit profiteers in this holy month and the governments on Christmas Eve in Europe this by giving discount to merchants in your country advantage delivers the normal user, just as the country's rulers to ensure effective measures to prevent an escalation of the need to introduce a Ramadan package prices so that prices increase brought the crisis and synthetic elements. Find also beautiful Ramzan Mubarak Wallpapers online for sharing on social media. 

Every year about announcements are made by the federal and provincial governments before Ramadan, but they all tend to look only verbal, practically nothing and inflation would exceed the swing of Ramadan. For practical steps, however, is the responsibility of the state government. The ability of buyers to buy items would not become the responsibility of higher prices and think that, if they are bought at higher prices to their low-income rates for the same brothers would have to buy equipment.

If they all committed that they will not purchase items than reasonable prices will be auto owners forced to sell goods at reasonable prices. All traders who are actively doing charity and alms, I am sure they will get more comfort from your heart will benefit from reduced to an ordinary user. The fact is that we all need to feel their responsibility would not take long to grow to improve the society and positive thinking.

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