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Youth are ready and willing to embrace death, the Indian report

The Indian Army formed after the atrocities and violent protests in Kashmir Valley in an investigative report which appeared conscious of Modi put them away.

British broadcaster the defenseless people by Indian security forces in Jammu and Kashmir to be targeted by violence and said to the representative of the Kashmiri youth 5 members of an investigative report public India opposed using force to suppress protests by security forces in the valley of death, the fear is banished from the hearts of the youth and they are ready all the time to embrace death. Kashmir day will be the best time this year. 

The five-member commission, former Foreign Minister Yashwant Sinha, Wajahat former minorities commission Habib Allah, Air Vice Marshal (Retd) Kapil Kak, journalist include Bharat Bhushan and the Centre of Dialogue and program director sshuba Brewery who Meetings are generally held in Kashmir during the year 2016 which was compiled in the light of the report's statements. 

Consider Kashmir Kashmir, the report said that India is not willing to recognize the problem and its solution. Pakistan have the right to get the right for us.  The report urged more emphasis commission members that he ever met with Kashmiri his political settlement at this point and said that till Jammu and death in Kashmir have been no political solution Valley and destruction will continue more intensely.

According to Kashmir can not count on India, considering that some Kashmiri when mistrust is growing gaps that India Kashmir only sees zuayy national security and some teens are not ready to hold talks with India and their day to day speaking have ve changed the words spoken in the strike, curfew, the evidence is overwhelming Burhani says the words. The report quoted a young man, we are delighted to celebrate the weapons used by the occupation army out of fear that has scared us, and now we celebrate death.

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